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Monday, May 24

John Mongeon Sr. – FinalHSaratoga Harness25 0003-5 OPEN T

Tuesday, May 25

J.P. Morel Mem – FinalHSaratoga Harness   25 0002-5 OPEN P
The Jerry Knappenberger – FinalHScioto Downs13 0003-5 H&G P
The Kevin Greenfield – FinalHScioto Downs13 0003-5 H&G T

Wednesday, May 26

Virginia O’Brien Mem – FinalHSaratoga Harness25 0003-5 F&M P

Thursday, May 27

The John Konesky – FinalHScioto Downs13 0003-5 F&M T

Friday, May 28

Best of Ohio Babst/Palacios MemorialTBelterra Park100 0003&up
Best of Ohio Diana STBelterra Park100 0003&up f/m
Best of Ohio Green Carpet STBelterra Park100 000                3yo
Best of Ohio Norm Barron Queen City OaksTBelterra Park100 000                3yo f
Best of Ohio Sydney Gendelman STBelterra Park100 000                3&up
Jersey Derby STMonmouth Park100 0003yo
Lyphard STPenn National100 0003&up f/m
Penn MileTPenn National300 0003yo
Penn OaksTPenn National100 0003yo f
With Anticipation STPenn National100 0003&up
NJSS – FinalHMeadowlands100 0003 C&G P
NJSS – FinalHMeadowlands   200 0003 C&G T
NJSS – FinalHMeadowlands   100 0003 F P
NJSS – FinalHMeadowlands   200 0003 F T
The Steve McCoy – FinalHScioto Downs13 0003-5 F&M P

Saturday, May 29

Pennine RidgeTBelmont  200 0003yo
AristidesTChurchill125 000                4&up
Audubon STChurchill150 000                3yo
Blame STChurchill150 000                4&up
Douglas Park STChurchill110 0004&up
Matt Winn STChurchill150 0003yo
Regret STChurchill150 0003yo f
Shawnee STChurchill150 0004&up f/m
Mr. Prospector STMonmouth Park100 0003&up
Charles Whittingham STSanta Anita200 000                3&up
Honeymoon STSanta Anita100 000                4&up
Santa Maria STSanta Anita200 000                3&up
PASS – 2nd legHThe Meadows175 0003 F T
PA Stallion – 2nd legHThe Meadows20 0003 F T

Sunday, May 30

Paradise Creek STBelmont100 0003yo
Monrovia STSanta Anita200 0003&up f/m
Summertime OaksTSanta Anita200 0003yo f
PASS – 3rd legHHarrah’s Philadelphghia175 0003 C&G P
PA Stallion – 3rd legHHarrah’s Philadelphghia20 0003 C&G P
Betsy Ross InvHHarrah’s Philadelphghia100 0003&UP F&M P
Commodore Barry P. InvHHarrah’s Philadelphghia100 0003&UP OPEN P
Maxie Lee Mem. Inv.HHarrah’s Philadelphghia100 0003&UP OPEN T

Monday, May 31

Bouwerie STBelmont125 000                3yo f
Commentator HTBelmont200 0003&up
Critical Eye HTBelmont200 0003&up f/m
Kingston STBelmont125 0004&up
Mike Lee STBelmont125 000                3yo
Mount Vernon STBelmont125 0004&up f/m
All American STGolden Gate100 0003&up
Chamberlain Bridge STLone Star100 000                3&up
Memorial Day Sprint STLone Star100 0003&up f/m
Ouija Board DistaffTLone Star200 0003&up f/m
Steve Sexton Mile STLone Star400 0003&up
Texas DerbyTLone Star300 0003yo
Gamely STSanta Anita300 0003&up f/m
Hollywood Gold CupTSanta Anita300 0003&up
Shoemaker MileTSanta Anita300 0003&up
PASS – 2nd legHPocono Downs175 0003 C&G T
PA Stallion – 2nd legHPocono Downs20 0003 C&G T


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