“Le Survivor”

At 7h00, on March 15, 2019 By Christian Gendron

On Friday March 15th at Meadowlands in races 3 to 12
Bet: “The Survivor”

Race 3: 1,3,4,5,7,9
Race 4: 4,5
Race 5: 5.6
Race 6: 3,6,7,9
Race 7: 2,3,8,9
Race 8: 7.8
Race 9: 4
Race 10: 3
Race 11: 1
Race 12: 5

Cost: $ 153.60

This bet is to stay alive as long as possible of the ” Survivor ” and the winner or winners is the last survivor of the 10 races, all
starts in the third race and ends in the twelfth race and we stay alive as long as our horse wins and we must make our bet before the 3rd race. Having studied this bet thoroughly, it is important to use more horses in the first races because when a neglected sneaks, several participants are eliminated and the goal is to survive as long as posible because most of the time, this bet does not exceed six races and from there the reason to use more horses at the beginning wishing to survive long enough to be the winner or one of the winners. The prize pool is still between $ 15,000 and $ 25,000 for the last survivor or if the competitors are eliminated at the same time, the prize pool is shared and this bet is at $ 0.20 cents, which makes it interesting.

I will not report on each race and the reason for my choice because it will be our first and the goal is to understand the bet.

Proposed bet: March 15th, Meadowlands, races 3 to 12

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